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MathFactsPro: An Intelligent Free Online Game For Memorizing All the Basic Math Facts


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Enter your name. Select your grade level. How many facts do you know? How many facts do you want to do?

The Game is constantly calculating which facts you do and do not have memorized, as it determines your memorized speed.\nClick Resume to continue.

Our emphasis is on facts correct, not on time spent or facts attempted.

Try missing one on purpose, just to see what happens.

You will never see a wrong answer, only the correct answer, but in red if you missed it. If you miss a fact twice in a row, it becomes the focus fact, to help you learn it. Click Resume to continue.

Estimating your memorized speed as faster than X seconds. If you get it right, but slower than that, it will not be counted as memorized.

Click here to see your results now, or continue to play until you beat the game or have done the number of facts you clicked on.

Assign a specific number of correct facts to do, instead of assigning an amount of time, which may be wasted.

The date, time, and student's name are right on the printable report.

The two lowest facts that were wrong or too slow are listed, if applicable.

To prove they did the work and help you with tracking, students can print off this ink/toner friendly page.

Don't want to do paperwork? Use our automatic tracking & monitoring!

This is the Teacher home screen, with which you can monitor, edit, and track students.

John is just starting to get it!

Benjamin has hit a plateau. He may need help with 11 - 10 = 1 (The lowest missed fact.)

Good Progress, Dolly!

Congratulations, George!

You can track multiple classes and set how many facts you want each student to do per session.

See at a glance who has not done their facts in class yet today or who did not practice their facts after class yesterday.

Free for 30 days! Give our full version a try. We think you'll find the greater effectiveness, efficiency, and the elimination of paperwork for a whole year to be well worth the $1/student ($5min) cost! On average, 250 facts practiced = 10 new facts learned. However, the Lite version (without accounts or tracking) will always be available.


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If you decide to continue after the free trial, the cost is only $1/student ($5minimum), for a whole year! If not, the free version without accounts and tracking will still be available.


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updated: September 1, 2017