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BLOG September 13, 2013 What is the key ingredient to fluency? We've just completed mining our data, and the results are interesting. Also, just how effective/efficient is Math Facts Pro? read more.


Math Fluency Games - School Accounts & Purchase Orders

School accounts are the same as teacher accounts, with each class being named for a teacher. (If a teacher has more than one math class, they should be kept separate. ex. Mrs. Smith 1st hour, Mrs. Smith 2nd hour, etc.)

To create a school account, click the Create Account button, then start, then choose a simple username, such as "lincolnlions", which all students & teachers will use. All teachers will use the same password, and there will be one email address for the account. If you have teachers who have previously had their own accounts, we can move them into your school account. We just need to know the teacher username, school userename, and what to call the teacher/class. You do want to make sure you don't have two students with the same log-in name. Here is an Excel spreadsheet example of the data you will want ahead of time. You can try it for free for 30 days, after that it is only $1/student for 12 months.

We do not currently have the capability for you to upload class rosters automatically. However, for 10¢ / student we will add your class rosters in manually for you. We do accept purchase orders for an $8 processing fee. See the Purchase Order Instructions. We would be happy to create a proposal for you, and can provide our W-9 form to a school district email address upon request. Here is a link to our Sole Vendor Letter.


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