Smart math fact fluency practice you can afford - without a grant.

Eliminate finger or skip counting. Average 10 newly fluent facts/week. Free if you do the paperwork; $1/student/year if we do it. Watch the video below, or activate your Flash for Math Facts Pro to play the tour for yourself.

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We are converting from Flash to Javascript. Meanwhile iPad users can play via the free Puffin Academy app. Thanks for your patience. Follow our blog or Facebook page for updates.

Printable Results

Time is valuable, so practice fluency wisely.

Not too boring, nor too frustrating. Just right. We aim for 90-95% fluency in practice to keep in the zone of proximal development. We track facts correct, not minutes spent in a chair. You will never see a wrong answer. Mastery is based on 9 out of the last 10 tries both correct and fast enough. Cut-off speeds are customized because some can count faster than others can automatically recall. We know which facts you need to focus on for maximum growth and use spaced repetition to move them to automaticity.

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A math facts program priced for teachers

Our mission is to make your job a little easier. Need a quick assessment? Do 100 facts for free and have your students print their results. Using an account lets us remember what we’ve learned about how to help each student, so we don’t start over each time. 400% greater efficiency in just one week. An account also provides tracking of growth and practice. Take a free 30 day trial of the full program. No credit card required. What you see is what you get. No surprises. If you find the tracking helpful, the cost is just $1/student/12 months. No need for a grant! Pay online (cards process securely by PayPal), or with a purchase order.

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You’re paid to get results. So are we.

Fluency to Practice Efficiency Ratio

A study of over 1,400 users showed a direct correlation between practice on Math Facts Pro and fluency. Students who practiced less than 50 facts/week averaged a gain of 2.2 newly fluent facts/week, while those who practiced 250 facts/week (a five minute, 50 fact session for each of 5 days) gained 10.5 newly fluent facts/week, almost 5x as much! It isn’t just practice that gets you to Carnegie Hall, it’s effective practice.

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Fun Mini Games


Math facts practice can be tedious, so we make it more fun with joke videos. (Carefully screened by us.) We have also just launched our new highly focused video game, Mars Defense, because more practice = greater fluency, and more motivation = more practice (and less complaining). Being able to concentrate and beat a game while answering math facts without thinking about them is also a great way to practice for following along with a teacher’s higher level math instruction without having to think about the fact answers.

# 72 Once there were 3 monsters named Mind Your Own Business, Manners, and Trouble. One day they had the day off from the circus, so they went to town. On the way, Trouble got lost, so Mind Your Own Business and Manners went to the police station to report him missing…”

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Puffin Academy

Math Facts Pro on IPad

While we are converting from Flash to Javascript, you can still use iPads to play Math Facts Pro by using the free Puffin Academy flash browser. Although there is a bit of a lag, it usually works pretty well. Follow these steps:

  1. In the app store, search for the free “Puffin Academy” by CloudMosa (purple background)
  2. Download and install the app, then open it.
  3. In the search bar (upper right corner) search for Math Facts Pro.
  4. The results will show a white square with the blue Math Facts Pro logo circle inside. Click it.
  5. Click “install” to add MFP to the Puffin Academy home page.
  6. Launch it! Students need to click the purple Student log-in button in the center of the top of the screen.
  7. If you have problems with doubles, like 11, causing the screen to zoom, go to the menu in the upper right corner, then Settings, then turn off “Zoom on Double-Tap”

In order to enter username and password press the menu button to make Puffin to show the keyboard.