About Us

The mission of Math Facts Pro is to help busy teachers and parents who want their students to master the basics of math, so that all of math will be easier and more enjoyable. The goal is to help each student be able to answer all the basic math facts without even thinking about them. (This is called automaticity, or fluency.)

Math Facts Pro is the least expensive program that is both research based and validated for developing fluency. Our software adjusts to the individual student’s response speed and knowledge, so that students are challenged in a way that is neither too hard, nor too easy. For more about our design and how to learn the basic facts, see our Blog. To see how effective and efficient the program is, see the paper outlining our research.

Math Facts Pro was founded and designed by Mark Berg, a former teacher with 13 years experience in grades 3, 5, 6, 7, & 8. Mark is passionate about the importance of math fact fluency (don’t get him started…) and the benefits of using technology for individualized instruction. He had to leave the classroom to have time for his family, so he created Math Facts Pro to free up teacher’s time, while helping their students do better in math. He has a master’s degree in Instructional Design and Technology from Emporia University, but he doesn’t take himself too seriously, (as you can see from the jokes he tells). Math Facts Pro began in 2008. Alex Marchenko was hired around 2009 to handle the technical part. Mark’s wife, Suzanne, helps with customer support. Hers is the lovely voice you will often hear on the phone.