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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why does it keep asking me easy facts?
The goal is for students to answer all math facts about as fast as they can 0 + 0. As students get faster, the program adapts. In order to know the individual student's speed, their current speed on easy facts is needed, so we have to keep asking the easy facts occasionally.

How often should I play?
It is easier to memorize if you do it every day in small chunks. For example, if you did 100 correct facts two times a day, you would be surprised at how fast you would learn your facts.

Why does the report page say that I have more correct answers than there are marked in gray?
Any given fact can be asked multiple times, so you can have 100 correct answers on only 70 facts.

Why does the test say that I know less facts than the last time I took it?
Because each day we remember differently! Also, in order to be accurate, many hundreds of responses are needed. That's why our next phase will have logins, because storing each session's data will make it drastically more accurate and efficient. Also, the program times your responses to within a thousandth of one second. Your responses to facts that you don’t know that well yet often vary by a whole second, so sometimes they are fast enough, and sometimes they aren’t. This causes the program to change the number of facts you know up and down. The important thing is that each week you know more and more facts. If you put them on a graph, it should be going up, generally, and the faster, the better!

What are you recording, and why?
We are only recording students’ names for use on the game page and report page. The first name is used for high scores, which are erased daily. Other than that, the name is not stored anywhere.

Why do I need to say how many facts I think I know?
If the game knows about how many facts you know, it will take fewer questions to get an accurate result. It saves time.

What does the game do?
The game determines which facts you know without thinking, and which ones you have to think about, no matter if you are very fast, or if you take longer to remember things. It's a very smart game!

Why does the game go so fast?
It is important that you know your math facts the same way that you know what the word, “Stop” is. You didn’t have to sound it out. If you had to sound out each letter, it would take forever to read this sentence, and by the time you got to the end of it, you would probably have forgotten what it said at the beginning! Math is the same way. If you have to stop to think about the answer to each little math fact, it would take so long that you would forget some of the steps in a big problem, and you would get the wrong answer. Also, going faster is more efficient. We don't want to waste your time.

How should I study math facts?
The best way to study is by playing our game! When studying anything, it is important not to introduce too many new facts at once. This is kind of hard to do with flashcards, but MathFactsPro makes it easy!

What is the best way to remember the facts?
Actually, the best way is different for everybody, but there are some ways that are better than others.

• One of the best ways is to use a story with a picture. This is called mnemonics. For example, “John walked up to the door, threw his shoe at it, and ran out the gate.” If you remember that door = 4, shoe = 2, and gate = 8, then this story can help you remember that 4 X 2 = 8. It helps much more, though, if you draw a sketch of the story.

• Another way is to use tricks. There are lots of tricks. For example, anything times 2 is the same thing as adding the double, so 4 X 2 = 4 + 4, or 8.

• Another trick might be to use a number you are already familiar with. For example, my school district is USD 428. That can help me remember that 4 X 2 = 8.

• You can also figure it out by starting with facts you know. If you know that 2 X 4 = 8, then 4 X 2 = 8, too. (That’s the commutative property.) Or, if you know that 3 X 2 = 6, then 4 X 2 = just 2 more, or 8.

Why are the questions presented horizontally?
The idea is to have the fact memorized, instead of working it in your head, so presentation really doesn't matter. Horizontally works best in our current display.

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updated: September 1, 2017