Math Facts Jokes

Math facts practice and assessment can be tedious, so we make it more fun with joke videos. (Carefully screened by us; students can NOT post jokes to the site.) The jokes can be turned off or muted by the students (and should be if they are playing in a classroom without headphones).

Favorite Joke: (# 72) There were three monsters, called Manners, Mind-Your-Own-Business, and Trouble. They had the day off from the circus, so they went on a holiday. All of the sudden, Trouble disappeared! Being good friends of his, Manners and Mind-Your-Own-Business decided to report Trouble missing at the police station. When they got there, Manners was pretty scared, so he stayed outside. Mind-Your-Own-Business went inside to tell the police what was going on. The desk sergeant asked him his name, and he said, “Mind-Your-Own-Business.” The desk sergeant said crossly, “Where’s your manners?” “Outside.” On hearing such rudeness, the desk sergeant said, “Are you looking for trouble?” Mind-Your-Own-Business said, “Yes, Please!”