Math Fact Fluency Game

Math Facts Pro uses smart assessment and fun video game practice to improve math fact fluency. Create a free 30 day full trial to see how it can help you. Online tracking improves performance and provides monitoring and accountability for practice. All this for just $1/student/year (12 months).

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Our assessment and practice app knows if students are counting on their fingers, or even if they just have to stop to think of the answer. It adjusts both the difficulty and the speed to the individual, and focuses on the facts which will move into fluency the quickest.
Smart Addition Fluency Game Assessment Addition Fluency Game Printable Results with Weekly Progress Math Practice Game Mars Defense
Mars Defense, our first highly focused math fact video game, motivates students to work hard and fast, as they level up and set high scores, increasing daily practice time. Like the assessment and practice app, it also focuses on the facts most likely to become fluent, and the facts related to them. Create an account to try it today!